Emotional Intelligence

Decades' worth of research shows a relationship between EI and many of the most critical aspects of organizational performance. By improving the effectiveness of workplace relationships at all levels, these include leader success, global competitiveness, and diversity. Education, experience, and IQ are core requirements for the top 20% of professionals. EI is what enables the very best in this already high-performing group to stand out. – Daniel Goleman

  • Understanding the depth of Emotions vs Feelings;
  • How the brain functions, internally while decoding any messages?
  • The things we need to consider before, while and after we communicate;

  • Explore your Emotional Intelligence Competencies to find out, what that means to you?
  • What are your Emotional Derailers?
  • Tools for Self-Control;
  • Emotional Styles affecting, Emotional Intelligence;
  • Explore Your Emotional Styles to find out, which ones you need to work on the most?
  • How to build Emotional Style?