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Helping your business find the right (Fit) talent
Support for your Business
  • Find Right Candidates
  • Certificate Training Program through Sukalpa Skills Academy and Workplace based Training.
  • Balanced Skills Training Program, Right Fit for your Company’s Process & System through Real-Time Work Experience
Partner with Us
  • Recruit Right Talents
  • Post-Training Employee Assistance Program
  • Support Team's Career Pathways
Strengthen your Team
  • Up-Skill your Existing Team
  • Remote and Face 2 Face Coaching Sessions for Low Performers
  • Certification of Existing Team through RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning)

Support for your Business

Recruitment to Retention
We work with hundreds of young people every week. Through our direct Sourcing Team; we attract, identify, and provide training to the right candidates. We find the right fit for you at your preferred location where business demands. Gender, age group, and more, as per your strategic requirements.
Either its FMCG Sales or Retail, Certificate II & III programs are designed for any candidates who are new to the industry. The curriculum for these programs is based on Knowledge, Skills, and Ability required for the industry. These Certification Programs are adapted from current global practices to be delivered in-class and workplace-based training approach.

Our Trainers and Assessors are Industry Experts. Competency Assessment of each unit is based on either or both of theory and practical tasks. Two-third of the Program Syllabus are focused on enhancing their skills and abilities. To make Candidates Job-Ready, we coordinate with you to start their practice sessions on your turf. This gives them the exposure and confidence towards the culture, processes, and system they need to adapt at the time of their formal start with your organization.

Partner with Us

Job Readiness to Succession Plan

Skilled and Competent Candidates are undoubtedly a business’ competitive advantage. Through our competency assessments, we track each and every candidate’s knowledge, skills, and abilities. And you can have access to explore that too. It’s your choice, who you like to recruit: Top Performers or Average ones.

We also believe that only providing skills training programs to candidates won’t suffice. Our Mobile Trainer & Assessor who is working closely with the candidates during the practical sessions will be providing their assistance post-training to make them confident and help them if they are stuck.

Our Skills Certification Program comes with future career pathways. These pathways guide your Human Resource and Management Team to plan out your organizational and individual succession map. Growth and Development have been an employee’s first requirement as their preferred job destination. We help you to plan out our training programs to be provided in different locations through different mediums as your business demands. We are in this together!

Strengthen your Team

Competency to Capabilities

If you have specific training needs, we can support your employees to qualify and prepare them for work through our Sukalpa Training & Consulting Unit. We can also provide ongoing training to further develop employees in the future by designing TNA (Training Needs Assessment) and Skills Inventory through Skills Gaps.

Low Performers are challenges in any organization. If an entire Certification Program is not possible to take part in an employee, a workplace-based specific coaching programs will be provided to enhance their current knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Primarily skills development and employee growth is happening in a traditional manner, via their employment experience and their tenure. Due to this, there’s a huge skill and requirement gap between new and existing employees. Certification for these existing employees can be provided through RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning). We do treat them equally the same as a new candidate, however, their proof of knowledge, skills, and abilities are tested as per the competency framework. In a way, it’s a Fast Track Certification Program but they need to satisfy the course outcomes through competency assessments.

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